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Murray Menkes founded Menkes. Visionary. Entrepreneur. Businessman. He wanted his life story to be about building single-family homes that offered exceptional quality and lasting value.

With over 60 years of experience Menkes continues to raise the standard for outstanding design quality and superior value as a fully integrated and multidisciplinary real estate development company. Elegant family homes that exude character and charm; exclusive luxury condominiums infused with stunning amenities; and highly sought-after industrial and office space, all in privileged locations.

Menkes are committed to create quality and innovative living environments that enhance any life story. Brilliant architecture, exceptional interior design and luxurious amenities come standard with every Menkes home. And because of this, Menkes is continuously recognized by a myriad of awards associations including Tarion, Summit International Awards and the BOMA Awards.


Spectrum Towers North York

Cosmo Towers & Townhomes North York

Pinnacle & royal Pinnacle North York

Fabrik Richmond & Spadina

Four Seasons Toronto